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  1. abs says:

    Hey Krishnakanth…any idea where can I find JUMP START KIT (which u mentioned) as fatwiresupport site seems to be redirected to new Oracle site and in new site I do not get the ‘KIT’.
    Pls let me know any other place where I can find it. ..thanks in Advance.

    • Kk says:

      You can find the Fatwire Jump Start kit in the site: This site is needs credentials to login, and the credentials will be given to only those who have partnership with fatwire / or who have purchased the software from Fatwire.

  2. Akhil says:

    Hi KK,

    I am new to fatwire. Trying to build a basic site with just one page, one page asset and one template for page. When I try to Preview the page, I am getting this… “Default template is not available in the current site”. How do I enable my template for my site?


    • Kk says:

      Hello Akhil,
      At the time of creation of the template, we need to set “PAGE” as the subtype in the NAME tab. and in the Element tab of the template creation screen, select the option which says that “ELEMENT DEFINES A WHOLE HTML PAGE AND CAN BE CALLED EXTERNALLY”.
      Now assign the template to the page which you have created.
      Thats done.

  3. april says:

    would you post about setting multilingual support? pleasee 😀

  4. Bindu says:

    Is there any way by which we can update a mandatory flex attribute value (of type radio button) in all the existing flex assets where this value is null. For the new flex assets which are created, the default value is set to “no”.

  5. bhagya says:

    Hi KK,

    I have created an image asset and have written a template to display it. I’m able preview the image asset as the stand alone asset.

    When I associate this asset to my page and preview it, I’m not able to find the image on screen. I’m getting the below error.

    Error: Render:SatelliteBlob: Wrong inputs in arguments, missing Blob FIELD; pagename:Apple/Display_phone

    Please provide a solution for this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Ramya Yelchuri says:

    Hi KrishnaKanth,
    I wanted to know If we can do some integrations between webcenter sites and some other product with some webservices.
    Thanks & Regards,

  7. Steve says:

    We are currently evaluating WCM solutions. Have you ever looked at HippoCMS ( Any thoughts on how it would compare to Webcenter Sites or AEM?

  8. Roma says:

    Unplaced fatwire page still showing up in google search results
    Hi KrishnaKanth,

    I am facing an issue with an unplaced page in siteplan.
    I had a page placed on fatwire site, now i have unplaced that page from site plan, but still i can access it using the direct URL. It appears in google search results as well. Please let me know how can I make it not appear in search results.


  9. srangach says:

    This can be done at the Start menu item ( say an example if you have created a New Article_C) in designing that start menu for a Radio button Default value of No can be set.

    Then on asset inspect form you should see No Value , Yes , No and by default No as selected

    Hope this helps…

  10. srangach says:

    Then on asset creation (not inspect)
    form you should see No Value , Yes , No and by default No as selected

  11. RIYA MATTU says:

    Hello krishna kanth,
    I am facing issues while moving pages from unplaced folder to placed folder. It’s throwing an error stating that- unable to load/cs/ContentServer?pagename=fatwire…………..status:500

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