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Many a time, while working with Fatwire, we face the problem “CONTENT SERVER TIMEOUT ERROR“.¬† This problem will be annoying for us if we are working on the ADVANCED/ DASH UI. Check the below screen.

When a session error occurs, any unsaved changes are lost. All other content is saved and can be accessed and reviewed. To gain access to the system, you will need to login again. This is quite annoying.

This is due to the default setting given in FATWIRE’s FUTURETENSE.INI file for the Content Sever’s Timeout activity.

The default timeout for Content Server is 900 Seconds (900/60 = 15 mins)

The solution for getting out of this issue, at least for our specified amount of time) is to hack the FUTURETENSE.INI file.

Open the FUTURETENSE.INI file with PROPERTYEDITOR or normal text editor.

You will be able to find a property called¬† “cs.timeout”, and a default value assigned to it as “900″. It will look as follows:


Where, 900 is the time set in SECONDS. Since 900/60 = 15 mins, the CS will be timedout every 15 minutes.

Hence, set the time as per which your wish. For example, if you need to set an hour as the default value for timeout activity, then set “3600” (as 3600/60 = 60 mins = 1 hour) as the value instead of “900“. It should look as follows:


Restart the Content server, for the changes to take effect.

The issue will be resolved.

In this topic, we are going to discuss the CREATION OF USERS IN FATWIRE. To create a user in Fatwire, you need to login with ADMIN Credentials. Users can be created in Fatwire using ADVANCED UI, and the WEM UI. We are going to learn how to create the users in ADVANCED UI of FATWIRE.


1. Login to the ADVANCED  UI with Admin credentials.

2. Go to the ADMIN tab of the Advanced UI.

3. Expand “CONTENT SERVER MANAGEMENT TOOLS“. After expanding this, you will be able to see SITE, ELEMENT, ACLs, USER, etc.

4. Double click on USER. The following screen appears. In this screen, as shown below, we can MODIFY USERS, ADD USERS, DELETE USERS, MODIFY USER ATTRIBUTES.

5. Enter a name for the user in the ENTER USER NAME field. This name will be the login username for the new user.

6. Click on ADD USER radio button.

7. Click on the OK button. The following screen appears.

8. Assign the ACCESS PRIVILEGES for the user, as required.

9. Enter the PASSWORD, and re enter the same in RE-ENTER PASSWORD field.

10. Click on the ADD button.