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Use Cases of CMIS

Posted: May 5, 2011 in CMIS
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There are three fundamental use cases for CMIS:

1. Repository to Repository: This is the direct communication between repositories. This most often occurs when content needs to be managed from a central, “master”, repository.

2. Application to Repository: This is when an application that uses content stores that content in an external repository. Through the use of CMIS, the application can focus on providing its core business solution without managing the content or integrating with different repositories that may each have their own API.

3. Federated Repository: This is the presentation of a collection of repositories to a user or application as a single repository. This model occurs frequently when users need to combine the services and information available from multiple systems to satisfy searches for content across a scope larger than any individual department.

Videos on CMIS

Posted: May 5, 2011 in CMIS
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The following are some of the important and interesting Videos on CMIS ::


What is CMIS?

Announced in September of 2008 by seven Content Management vendors, the proposed CMIS standard is defined as:
Defines a domain model and Web Services and Restful AtomPub bindings that can be used by applications to work with one or more Content Management repositories/systems.

The goal of CMIS is to define a common domain model for content management systems, allowing different applications to communicate using the same terminology and language.

Originally developed by EMC, IBM, and Microsoft, CMIS was evaluated and endorsed by Alfresco, Open Text, Oracle, and SAP prior to the public announcement. All seven vendors joined together to announce and release the standard to the community and OASIS.

CMIS is offered for implementation on a royalty-free basis. Participation in the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee is open to all companies, non-profit groups, governments, academic institutions, and individuals. As with all OASIS projects, archives of the Committees’ work are accessible to both members and non-members, and OASIS hosts an open mail list for public comment.

If you plan to do any work whatsoever with CMIS, you really need to have the specification document handy. The home page of the CMIS Technical Committee is: 

The specification document can be downloaded as a PDF from