About Me…!!!


This is Krishna Kanth... and people call me KK.

I have experienced different Enterprise Content Management Solutions since the beginning of my career, and have expertise in various Content Management solutions like ADOBE EXPERIENCE MANAGER (ADOBE CQ), ORACLE WEBCENTER SITES (FATWIRE), EMC DOCUMENTUM, ALFRESCO, LIFERAY.

I thought of sharing my experiences and thoughts for the benefit of the those Engineers, who are trying to make a mark in the ECM domain.

Hence, I started sharing my experiences through this website

Come…! Lets share our experiences on ECM.

  1. Ashwani says:

    Lets Discuss the Trends in ECM and How you see the ECM Future is going.
    I have worked on Documentum , Alfresco , FileNet , Docushare and some others.

  2. Swamy Nunna says:

    awesome content… really helpful for knowledge enhancement… thanks for sharing…

  3. satish varma says:

    Helpful support kk.

  4. leninmca says:

    Keep up the good work, lot of ppl will learn from u including me.

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