How Dynamic Publishing works in Fatwire

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Fatwire
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In our previous posts, we have seen how to work with Static Publishing. In this post, we will see how to work with Dynamic Publishing.

DYNAMIC PUBLISHING, also known as MIRROR TO SERVER PUBLISHING method, is one of the important Publishing methodologies of Fatwire. It is built with the Content Server Mirror API to copy approved assets from the Content Server database on one system to the Content Server database on another system.


The following image explains how the Mirror to Server publishing works in simple.

To be more precise,

1. When the Dynamic Publishing is done, the Local content server (on which the main database, file structure, etc are there) mirrors,i.e, copies the entire file structure to the remote server (the machine which hosts the site).

2. The user requests a page.

3. The request will be received by the server (i.e, the mirrored remote CS Server).

4. The CS dynamically generates the pagelets and pages, and delivers it to the webserver.

5. The webserver then delivers it to the end user who has requested the page.

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