What is Web Experience Management?

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Fatwire
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WEB EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT (WEM) is one of the branches of CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. It is emerging as an alternative to WCM, which only concentrates on creation of online content. Whereas WEM concentrates on creation of online content along with giving the new experience to the online businesses by marketing the products to the customers of specific interests.

For example, lets consider an e-commerce site. One customer might be interested in purchasing electronic peripherals, where as some others might be interested in purchasing outfits, etc. So, according to the customers taste, the marketing needs to be done.  If a customer who is interested in electronics is sent a mail from the marketing department related to some unnecessary things he isnt interested, its of no use.

Not only marketing, when a user logins to a site, he will be presented with all the articles available with the site. But if the user is presented with the products which he is interested on the top, and the rest of the products in low priority, then the main purpose of the business might become easy. All this can be achieved with WEB EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT.

What is difference between WCM and WEM?

While WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT (WCM) only deals with managing the online content, WEB EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT (WEM) deals with the management of the customers taste along with the WCM part. Hence, We can think of WEM as an extension to WCM.

How WEM helps an organization?

WEM (Web Experience Management) helps an organization in many ways providing effective  web presence by providing a dynamic and interactive portal where business users can easily login and update their content and also help the organization in a great deal providing them to do target marketing campaigns, which can convert prospects into customers.

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