An Introduction to FATWIRE

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Fatwire


One of the popular and highly used WEB EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT software, recently acquired by ORACLE. I’ve been working on Fatwire since few months. The current release of FATWIRE CONTENT SERVER is VERSION 7.6 (At the time of writing this article). I would like to share my experiences on FATWIRE, like creation of basic assets, flex assets,   creation of Templates, CSElements, SiteEntries  their coding, creation of Sites, etc.

In this occasion, I would like to share the sites which I have referenced for Fatwire.

The following are some of the useful sites for Fatwire:

  1.   –  Fatwire Support Center
  2.   – Fatwire Site

As Fatwire is a proprietary software, there are no materials or tutorials available for Fatwire.

The company itself provides some guides which will be available to download at

NOTE: (UPDATED ON 27/11/2012) As Oracle has acquired Fatwire, the guide and tutorials are available now in the Oracle Site. Following is the link for the same.

I advice you to start working initially with the JUMP START KIT (available for download at, rather than working with the content server itself.

  1. Akhil says:

    Hi KK,

    I am new to fatwire. Trying to build a basic site with just one page, one page asset and one template for page. When I try to Preview the page, I am getting this… “Default template is not available in the current site”. How do I enable my template for my site?


    • Kk says:

      Hello Akhil,
      At the time of creation of the template, we need to set “PAGE” as the subtype in the NAME tab. and in the Element tab of the template creation screen, select the option which says that “ELEMENT DEFINES A WHOLE HTML PAGE AND CAN BE CALLED EXTERNALLY”.
      Now assign the template to the page which you have created.
      Thats done.

      • Meenakshi says:

        We are planning to add the tool tip content in the fatwire and access the fat wire content from the jsp. Can anyone help how this can be implemented?

    • ajay says:

      at the time of creating a template you have to mention
      Usage: Element defines a whole HTML page and can be called externally
      then you can get the preview

  2. VT says:

    I have just started learning Webcenter Sites 11g development.
    I am working on a requirement – Everytime the asset is published to delivery, to read an asset’s metadata and send that metadata info to an external system via a web service call.

    From the dev and admin guides, I figured that I can use a Asset Listener at Publish event to capture the asset’s metadata and then use it as input to the web service call.
    But I dont know how to create and implement an asset listener and how can I trigger a webservice call from there.
    The dev guide does not provide much detail information that i can use to implement this.

    Can you please provide me any pointers/steps/sample code. Do we have any such examples in the sample sites? Please help!

  3. Ramya Yelchuri says:

    I am new to webcenter sites,I have a requirement to build a dynamic login functionality,where the user registers with some mandatory fields,username and password, when he logins with the same username and password he should be able to login.Can I get any documentation where this functionality is explained clearly?
    Thanks in advance.

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