Documentum Administrator

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Documentum
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Documentum Administrator enables you to monitor, administer, configure, and maintain Documentum servers, repositories, and federations located throughout your company from one system running a web browser.

Using Documentum Administrator you can:

• Monitor repository system and resource usage
• Configure a repository
• Create or modify repository users and groups
• Create or modify repository object types
• Create or maintain permission sets (also known as access control lists, or ACLs)
• Create or modify repository federations
• Create or modify formats
• Monitor repository sessions
• Monitor and configure Documentum system resources
• Run server APIs and issue DQL queries
• Create or modify storage areas
• Create and run methods and jobs
• Administer full‑text indexing
• Administer privileged clients
• Administer EMC Documentum Site Caching Services
• Administer EMC Documentum Content Intelligence Services
• Administer EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services

To log in to Documentum Administrator:

1. Start a web browser on a client machine.

2. Connect to the URL: http://host:port-number/da/

3. Type your login name and password on the Documentum Administrator Login page.

(Check with your company’s Documentum Administrator for credentials)

4. Select a repository from the list box.

5. Login.


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