Services provided by Documentum

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Documentum
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Content Server is the foundation of the Documentum platform and provides the following standard services:

  1. Content management services
  2. Process management services
  3. Security services
  4. Distributed services
  5. Trusted Content Services
  6. Content Services for EMC Centera
  7. Content Storage Services
  8. Retention Policy Services
  9. Collaborative Services

Content management services

Content management services primarily deal with storage and retrieval, versioning, data dictionary, assembly and publishing, and search functionality. Content Server uses an object-oriented model and stores everything as objects in the

Library services (checkin and checkout of objects stored in the repository) enable making changes to content in a safe manner. Content Server inherently provides versioning for objects. As users work with objects they can create new versions while keeping
older versions intact. Content Server also provides indexing and search capabilities, which include the ability to search within content and to add third-party search providers to the installation.

Process management services
Process management features include workflows and lifecycles. Workflows typically represent business processes and model event-oriented applications. Workflows can be defined for documents, folders (representing the contained documents), and virtual documents. A workflow definition acts like a template and multiple workflow instances can be created from one workflow definition. Many documents created by an enterprise go through different stages during the lifetime of that document. For example, a document may be a draft when initially created, can be approved after successful review, and archived when no longer needed. Lifecycles define business rules that can be applied to different types of documents.


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